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Sea Day Three of Five to Tahiti

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Another amazing sunrise this morning as we continue South towards the Equator and Tahiti. The ocean is lively without being unpleasantly rough as the ship is buffeted by strong cross-winds. Breakfast and then we fill in an hour or so reading our Kindles. Jenny heads off to craft while I find a seat in the Theatre for another lecture by Marine Biologist Dr Gloeta Nassie. Another entertaining hour to explore the inner workings and unique features of the star fish family.

Made my way to the Atrium for the advertised 'Fruit and Vegetable Carving Demonstration'. There was a sizable crowd but neither the carvers nor any of the fruit and vegetables put in an appearance.

Off to the Horizon Court for an Italian themed lunch. Tables loaded with Italian delicacies and many different cheeses. Pastrami and salami with marinated vegetables fighting for space with breads and rolls in a bewildering display. Not to be outdone there was the usual overwhelming array of cakes and sweet pastries.

Back to the stateroom for our usual R&R with more relaxation and less reading as the ship rocks us to sleep.

Big night tonight, at 1645 we had the Captain's Circle party where the three most frequent cruisers are rewarded with a bottle of cheap champagne. The first-placed person has sailed on Princess for over 680 nights. Quite an achievement and a lot of money.

Dinner was formal tonight and the room looked spectacular as it does when everyone dresses up. After dinner we went to the Vista Lounge for Trevor Knight's second show where he performed mainly John Denver songs. We then stayed for a 'game show' they entitled "Who's a Cuckoo ?". Great concept but just didn't go down all that well. Back to the stateroom and quite late for us at about 2215.

More tomorrow.
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Cheers ... Tony

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Sea Day Two of Five to Tahiti

Friday, 20 September 2013

Brilliant sunrise this morning but I miss the manual controls of my broken camera as I attempt to capture it with the standby camera. Breakfast on the Horizon Court and back to the stateroom to prepare for a day at sea.

First up a heartwarming tale by Trevor Knight and his love affair with horses. This was followed by another lecture by Marine Biologist Dr Gloeta Nassie. Following on from that the India themed lunch in the Horizon Court and then back to the task of recording these words.

My eye still looks most impressive but certainly causes me no discomfort. Then it is time for R&R again.

Great company at dinner and with two tables unoccupied the service was brisk and we were finished by 1900. Off to the Theatre to be entertained by the delightful Amber Jade. Cute little blond, sings and dances but shines when playing the clarinet and her saxophone. Great range of old classics from the big-band era.

More tomorrow.
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Cheers ... Tony

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Sea Day One of Five to Tahiti

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Awoke this morning in time to catch the brief sunrise, had our breakfast and whiled away some time reading. I visited the Medical Centre to seek confirmation that the progress of my shiner was on track, it has developed quite an eye-catching colour and size. At 1000 we joined a small crowd in the Theatre to listen to a presentation from the on-board Tahitian Pearl expert. We were also given a 'ticket' for the chance to win a pearl necklace. Jenny was just four numbers away from the wining ticket. Close but no necklace.

Still in the theatre we enjoyed the first of ten lectures by Marine Biologist Dr Gloeta Nassie. She rattled through 45 fast paced minutes and introduced us to herself and the oceans of the world. She asked that we remember three basic questions that need to be considered by all sea creatures -
1. Am I food for someone? What steps should I take to avoid being eaten.
2. Is that food for me ? How do I capture it.
3. Can we make babies together ? How do we procreate.

She then covered the more minute and interesting organisms from bacteria to simple sponges. Will definitely schedule her in to my daily activities for the remainder of the cruise.

The Horizon Court was very crowded for lunch and a planned meeting with James (the 90 YO) was put off until this evening. Back to the stateroom for some R&R (reading and relaxation). Reviewed our purchased Shore Excursions for Tahiti to find that all three are scheduled for early in the morning which suites us best.

Lovely dinner followed by a great show in the Theatre starring Trevor Knight, a very talented singer and story teller. To top off the night I made my way to the Vista Lounge to be enthralled by the Adagio Strings performing a series of classical numbers. Beautiful music by four beautiful young women. Now almost 2300 and time to close and post this to the web.

More tomorrow.
My photos are posted each day to http://365project.org/tonydebont/365
Cheers ... Tony

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Hilo on the East Coast of the 'Big Island' Hawaii

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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This morning we docked in the Port of Hilo situated on the East Coast of the 'Big Island' of Hawaii, we have previously visited this Port in November last year aboard the Celebrity Millennium. We have no significant plans for this stop so after a leisurely breakfast we strolled ashore.

There were a number of FREE shuttles available provided by some of the bigger retail outlets. Hilo Hattie, the Farmer's Market and Walmart. We'd visited the Farmer's Market last time so opted for the first of the others to arrive. Walmart's shuttle was a 60 seater coach and quickly filled up. A short 10 minute ride and we were deposited outside the store. I'm impressed that these local firms are smart enough to spend some money to bring a percentage of the 2000 passengers to their door.

Along with many of our fellow passengers we spent some money on 'essential' items and then visited Office Max and Ross for Less to spend some more. Our purchases were far less significant than those of the many. Back to the ship by about lunch time and a 'pie and chips' from the Deck 14 Grill.

Returned to the stateroom to download the last of the images from the Lumix FZ100, my main camera. It appears to have suffered some internal damage so will need to be replaced and I'll have to use the back-up for the remainder of the trip. With any luck I'll be able to claim against our travel insurance for part of the replacement cost. In case anyone is interested, the shiner is a beauty and I'm telling people that Jenny socked me !!
Lovely dinner again and we were out of there by 1845 because our waiters only had a total of 8 of 20 people to look after. There's a 'sail-away' party at 2130 on Deck 12. Dress code "Tropical Attire, Grass Skirts and Coconut Bras", can't see us joining in.

Just back from watching "Maggie" in her show 'Life's a Lemon'. Outrageously dressed, bawdy story but a great voice. For once the Lounge was less than 25% occupied.

More tomorrow.
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Cheers ... Tony

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Lahaina on the West coast of Maui in Hawaii

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

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The view of the sunrise was blocked by massive clouds and the island itself. At 0700 the ship dropped anchor off the historic town of Lahaina on the dry West coast of the island of Maui. After breakfast we assembled in the dinning room to be called forward to board the tender into the pier. The tender was quite crowded and took a long time to load as there was a lot of movement relative to the ship.

Once ashore we wandered along the shops that look out onto the bay. There are many art galleries next to Tee shirt shops and souvenir shops. There are also a variety of bars and restaurants. More by accident than design we found a Hilo Hattie store and succumbed to the purchase of a shirt but resisted a host of other nick-nacks. From there to McDonald's for a comfort stop and small bucket of Coke.

As we made our way back to the pier we met another couple from the ship, craft lady friend. I stepped aside to let than pass, lost my footing and crashed to the pavement. Within seconds there were a host of willing strangers helping me back to my feet. A lady from an office across the street arrived with a first-aide pack and a shop assistant provided a char and ice-cubes. The frame of my glasses had been bent out of shape and I had some lumps above my right eye and my right arm and hand. None of the injuries were all that painful and the ice reduced the swelling.

With the help of the shop assistant we found an optometrist who managed to restore my glasses to something like their original shape. We cut short our time ashore and returned to the ship to check for possible damage to the camera. Looks like it survived intact.

I applied an ice pack for half an hour or so and then went up to the Horizon Court for lunch, no damage to my appetite either 8-)
After lunch, sat down and penned these words. At 1600 I'll check in with the on-board hospital to make sure there's no serious damage to my head. So far there do not appear to be any side effects or complications.

Presented to the doctor who performed a series of tests and asked a lot of questions, She warned me that the eye and my hand will both develop a dark black bruise. She also confirmed that I had bruised my rib cage which will continue to cause pain for some time when I cough lift my arms or laugh. For good measure she gave me a tetanus injection to ward off the risk of infection.

Manage to get out of the Medical Centre in time for dinner where I received the appropriate amount of ribbing for having taken the fall.

Decided I needed my rest and to avoid aggregating the onset of a headache we decided to give the entertainment a miss.

More tomorrow.
My photos are posted each day to http://365project.org/tonydebont/365
Cheers ... Tony

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